Major Complaint:  Neck stiffness and headaches

Past History:  Headaches made it hard to go about daily life.

Chiropractic Results:  Increased mobility and fewer headaches thanks to my adjustments.

Emily Luchini, Weedville, PA


Major Complaint:  Migraine lasting days

Past History:  I've been having migraines for years!

Chiropractic Results:  I came to Dr. Ron for an adjustment after having a migraine for 4 days.  It was such horrible pain, it was making me awfully sick.  I had my adjustment and left with just a headache and some pain in my temples.  By the next day, I had zero pain in my head, I'm so very thankful for the relief of that migraine from my adjustment!  I finely feel normal after 4 days.  Thank you Dr. Ron!

Emilie Nissel, Johnsonburg, PA  


Major Complaint:  Lower Back Pain and Spasms

Past History:  General tight feeling in lower back with spasms that would come at the most random times

Chiropractic Results:  I have not had a spasm since my first adjustment.  I feel generally "looser" overall and cannot wait to compare my follow up x-rays to the originals.

Michael Spaeth, Emporium, PA  


Major Complaint:  Neck and Arm Pain

Past History:  After many doctors and several months of pain, trying their drugs and shots in neck. Nothing Helped.  They told me I needed surgery.  I told them I'm trying a Chiropractor and they laughed at me and said that will not work.

Chiropractic Results:  After 3 weeks going to see Dr. Rolley, he fixed me!  It was my first experience with a Chiropractor, now I'm a Believer.  I feel great.

Daniel J. Clark, Dubois, PA  


Major Complaint:  Neck and Lower Back Injury

Past History:  Wrestling, work related spinal injuries, limited motion, and tingling in extremities

Chiropractic Results:  No pain, full range of motion, noticeable reduction in number of colds and flu, and no physical limitations.  At 64 years of age, just won a small handstand push-up contest.

Scott J. Baker, Emporium, PA  


Major Complaint:  Back Pain

Past History:  Forty two years of severe and sometimes debilitating pain.  Upper back pain with terrible spasms had be in tears a lot of the time.  No one could figure out why.

Chiropractic Results:  Dr. Rolley had me living without pain in 2 1/2 months!  After my initial visit he informed me that he could indeed help me! Praise the Lord for Dr. Ron!  He has given me my life back! (Tears......of JOY!)

Toni Kane,  Kane, PA  


Major Complaint:  Congestion

Past History:  Ella suffered with congestion all winter regardless of illness

Chiropractic Results:  Within her first couple adjustments, Ella's sinus congestion was gone.  I also saw an overall improvement in her health and bowel habits.  Her snoring has disappeared.  I am so thankful for Dr. Rolley and the importance of Chiropractic care.

Lacy Pollick and Ella Wolfel, Emporium, PA  


Major Complaint:  Lower Back Pain

Past History:  Recurring lower back pain over the years.  I pulled my back but thought it was getting better, then went on a long road trip and could barely walk.

Chiropractic Results:  Lower back is pain free.

Brian Smith, St. Marys, PA  


Major Complaint:  Lower Back Pain

Past History:  Due to taking part in sports my back became twisted and curved.  My neck was injured after a hard fall at the age of 4.

Chiropractic Results:  After about 2 weeks, I experienced little to no pain even while still playing a sport in season.  My favorite part of my day is going into the office to get adjusted!  Truthfully, I didn't know the importance of Chiropractic care until I started going and I'm glad I did.

Janelle Krug, St. Marys, PA  


Major Complaint:  Colic, Acid Reflux, unable to sleep flat on back

Past History:  Since birth, Summer was unable to sleep flat on her back.  She would arch her back when we tried to lay her down when eating.  She would scream for hours after and throw up most of her bottle.  Her pediatrician put her on Zantac.

Chiropractic Results:  After the first adjustment, Summer slept peacefully on her back for hours.  She no longer arches her back or fusses when we lay her down.  She's now sleeping mostly through the night in her crib completely flat.  After a couple adjustments, we were able to stop her Zantac and she no longer spits up most of her bottle and all colic symptoms have resolved.

Dana Schatz and Summer Schatz, St. Marys, PA  


Major Complaint:  Headache and Lower back pain

Past History:  Migraines and hip pain after fall

Chiropractic Results:  I haven't had a migraine since seeing Dr. Rolley!  Lower back and hip pain 80% better.

Caron Heatherdale, Ridgway, PA


Major Complaint:  Neck and Shoulder Pain

Past History:  Neck, Back, and Shoulder pain over the years, worsening after a fall.

Chiropractic Results:  Feeling much better after Chiropractic Care.  My range of motion is better and my strength has improved.  I was unable to hold up a coffee cup at first and now I'm able to pour coffee from the pot easily.

Lisa Nesbitt, Weedville, PA  


Major Complaint:  Numbness and extreme pain in my lower back and right hip and leg

Past History:  A little over a year ago, I fell out of a tree stand.  The doctors at the hospital found nothing wrong with me so I just lived with terrible pain until I met Dr. Rolley.

Chiropractic Results:  After only my first adjustment, my pain was dramatically reduced.  I have now been seeing Dr. Rolley for about 5 weeks and I feel the best I ever have.  I'm more energetic, I sleep well, and I can enjoy my life rather than just barely getting by.  Thank you Dr. Rolley, it really is a miracle!!

Richard Wileman, Johnsonburg, PA


Major Complaint:  Neck and Back Pain due to Fibromyalgia

Past History:  Progressive neck and back pain where some days I can hardly move.

Chiropractic Results:  After my 1st visit, I saw major improvement.  Now I look forward to my days I go see Dr. Rolley because I feel 10 times better.

Tracy Wileman, Johnsonburg, PA  


Major Complaint:  Leg Pain

Past History:  Whenever I would play a lot or walk a lot with momma and daddy my legs would hurt really bad, it would even wake me up.

Chiropractic Results:  Since going to Dr. Rolley, my legs feel much better and I don't cry any more.  Thank you Dr. Rolley!  I love the days I get adjusted!

Joey Wileman, Johnsonburg, PA  


Major Complaint:  Lower Back Pain

Past History:  I have had on and off back pain for several years.  My back would tense up and made it hard to move around as needed to work and just everyday life.

Chiropractic Results:  I finally made a decision to go see Dr. Rolley after my son had seen him for his back troubles.  Since seeing him and having adjustments 3 times a week for better than a month, I have felt so much better.  I am able to sleep better.  Work is not as stressful as I feel so much better.

Michael Bauer, Emporium, PA  


Major Complaint:  Neck Pain

Past History:  The neck pain has been ongoing for 2 years.  I was having trouble turning my head to the left and to the right.

Chiropractic Results:  I started seeing Dr. Rolley in 2017 for neck pain.  Now I am almost pain free and in addition the pain in my left hip is also gone.  The hip pain would wake me 3-4 times each night.  As my spine is realigned, I find it easier to do the things that were difficult before.

Donald Benton, Ridgway, PA  


Major Complaint:  Constipation, very colicky, gassy, fussy, consistent crying, and trouble sleeping

Past History:  Jonah got stuck during birth and the doctor had to maneuver him another way out causing his spine to become unaligned, I knew something was wrong that night, all the symptoms started a few hours after birth.  

Chiropractic Results:  It truly is a miracle!!  Jonah has made a complete transformation!  He's happy and content now with almost no more symptoms!  You can physically see his spine, neck, and hips are more aligned.  Thank you Dr. Rolley!

Jessie Larabee and Jonah Bauer, St. Marys, PA  


Major Complaint: Neck and lower back pain

Past History: I've been experiencing back and neck pain for the last 10 years.

Chiropractic Results: Dr. Rolley has not only helped with my back and neck, he has also released pressure in my sinuses! I've never felt better!

Whitney Mertz, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint: Lower back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Past History: I was never in any sort of accident or anything, but I've suffered with pain for 2-3 years. After my father told me it was "just growing pains" I gave up and went to seek help.

Chiropractic Results: Since I've been seeing Dr. Rolley, the tightness and pain has begun to ease and each and every visit I leave and feel like a whole new person, like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I now recommend everyone who's in pain to at least get their spine checked.  Dr. Rolley is wonderful at his job!

Nikita Hathaway, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint: Lower back pain

Past History: Was having lower back pain from everyday wear and tear. Back was out of alignment.

Chiropractic Results: Not as much pain anymore.

Hannah Sharrow, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint: Lower back pain and shoulder pain.

Past History: Scoliosis, Osteopenia, diagnosed with Scoliosis at 12 years of age, and Osteopenia at 28 years of age.

Chiropractic Results: I cannot believe the pain relief within my first few adjustments! I'm so mad at myself for not coming sooner, but so grateful I am here now.  Dr. Rolley, you are changing my life around.  I'm back to playing with my daughter on the floor, outside on the trampoline, etc. Thank you!!

Gina Hayes, St. Marys, PA 


Major Complaint: Neck, Back, Shoulder, and Knee Pain

Past History: I was having trouble sleeping (snoring and sleep apnea).  I had a lot of neck and back pain from everyday wear and tear, which threw them both out of alignment, which also helped cause pain in my knees.

Chiropractic Results: Not as much pain in my back, neck, and shoulders anymore.  The pain in my knees is also much more tolerable as well.  Also am able to get a decent days sleep (I work 3rd shift).

Joseph Sharrow, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint:  Migraines

Past History: I have suffered for over 6 years with daily migraines.  I would have them everyday, with maybe a day or two break once a month.  My longest one lasted 68 days!  I've tried every medication and technique possible, nothing ever worked.

Chiropractic Results: After my first adjustment, I could already feel a difference. I only had a headache, not a migraine, which was so much better.  After a month of adjustments, I didn't even have a headache anymore!  And after over a year of being adjusted, I've had maybe one headache, which is a major relief for me!  I'm so very thankful for my migraine relief that Dr. Ron has given to me.  I'm now a firm believer of Chiropractic!!

Emilie Nissel, Johnsonburg, PA 


Major Complaint: Severe pain in my hip and groin area and my feet.

Past History: I have suffered for a very ling time with the pain.  It is difficult to do anything.  I was very limited to what I can do.

Chiropractic Results: I am so thankful to Dr. Rolley for his help.  I know one day I will get better and do the things I couldn't do before.  I can't wait for that day I have been only going for 2 months and I can see a small change in me already.  I am commited to his continued care in my book. He is an angel.

Jacqueline A. Youse,      St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: I have a S in my spine and shoulder out with lower back pain.

Past History: I suffered for a very long time with pain, difficulty walking.  I was very limited to do my daily activities.

Chiropractic Results: I am so thankful to Dr. Rolley for his time and help.  I have been seeing Dr. Rolley for 2 months now and I can have some release in my pain, I can start to do a little more then I use to.  I can't wait to be normal again without the pain and do more.  I am commited to his continued care.

David Duncan,     St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Neck, shoulders, back & lower back.

Chiropractic Results:  Don't hurt anymore, sleep a lot better.

Jessica Smith,    St. Mary's, PA 


Major Complaint:  Dizziness and a lot of aches & pains.  Neck Problems.

Past History:  Dizzy all the time, couldn't enjoy doing stuff with my family, hurting all the time, not sleeping well, just miserable feeling.

Chiropractic Results:  I am happy to report my dizziness went away and I do feel better.  I will use Dr. Rolley for treatment until all of myself is 100%.  Then I will come for treatments as needed.  But I am 100% happy with Dr. Rolley. "Thank you Dr. Rolley!"

Nancy Deeter,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Severe pain in lower back, difficulty sleeping.  Pain in both shoulders, especially on left side.

Past History:  I have had trouble sleeping at night.  The pain in my lower back made it difficult to get comfortable or to relax.  The pain in my shoulders added to my difficulty in falling asleep.

Chiropractic Results:  I am happy that I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Rolley to seek help.  I am now sleeping much better at night and almost pain free in my shoulders.  I am feeling much better but feel I still need to continue my visits with Dr. Rolley.

Ronald A. Mitchell,    Ridgway, PA


Major Complaint:  Severe pain in lower back, hip and pelvic pain also.

Past History:  I suffered for a long time with the pain.  At times difficulty walking.  I was very limited as to what I could do.

Chiropractic Results:  I am so thankful to Dr. Rolley for his help.  He has made me feel so much better.  I can do things I could not do for a long time.  Some days I don't even have pain.  I am comitted to his continued care.

Glenda Cherry,    Ridgway, PA 


Major Complaint:  Pain in lower back, neck & leg.

Past History:  Was mornings where I had a terrible time getting up and moving.  Had horrible nights sleep, on average only got about 45 min. - 1 hour of sleep, before waking up in pain and had to get up, get "stretched" and then find a comfortable new position.

Chiropractic Results:  After coming to Dr. Rolley my back feels ALOT better.  Also have been getting better sleep at night which gives me more energy during the day.  About 2 weeks ago I missed my Friday appointment, NEVER AGAIN! I felt terrible on Saturday, Sunday was awful, never left the house and by Monday I was worse.  Couldn't wait until Monday evenings appointment.  Felt great afterwards! Like I said, "I will never miss another appointment for anything!"

Bob Gies,   Force, PA


Major Complaint:  Severe, aggravating pain in lower back which affected my posture and ability to walk.

Past History:  Family physician injected the sore, stiff area with steroids to no avail, over time. Felt good for close to a month and then the return of pain.  My back was as stiff as a board and difficult to manipulate.

Chiropractic Results:  I am still being treated at this time and can say I feel somewhat better, relieved from constant pain and stiffness.  My golf game has shown considerable improvement with my swing being more agile.  I'm driving the ball as I did in the past because I'm being relieved of the stiffness giving me more range of motion.  I'm now trying to walk on a daily basis which keeps me limbered up and more flexible.  Dr. Rolley is a "professional" and good educator.

David Fox,   St. Marys, PA 


Major Complaint:  Pain from head to toe.  Some days I could hardly walk.

Past History:  I went to doctors & got little to no relief.  They did the same thing all the time.  It was not correcting the problem.  No x-rays were taken, so they did not know the extent of the problem.

Chiropractic Results:  Dr. Rolley took x-rays and found my back was out from top to bottom.  I had a pinched nerve, which made my knee hurt.  It made it very painful to walk.  With just a few adjustments it was better.  I feel so much better.  I can tell that my back & neck are straightening out again.  I would recommend anyone to have Dr. Rolley take care of them. Thanks Dock!

Eileen Teel,   Kane, PA


Major Complaint:  Lower back pain.

Past History:  Suffered from lower back pain for about a year.  I had 1st visit with Dr. Rolley & found out my spine was out of alignment.

Chiropractic Results:  Since starting with Dr. Rolley I have hardly any back pain and sleep so much better.  I will continue with Dr. Rolley and look forward to a healthier, painfree me.  I highly recommend spinal manifulation for anyone.

Rachael Hatch,   Emporium, PA 


Major Complaint:  PDD & ADHD

Past History:  Destiney was on many different types of medications for her behaviors related to her ADHD.

Chiropractic Results:  Destiney has improved soooo much.  She is now down to one pill during the school year, and no longer has PDD.

Destiney Yeager,   Ridgway, PA


Major Complaint:  Tailbone pain, headaches, arm pain, arms falling asleep, back pain, neck pain & heartburn.

Past History:  It all started back in 1980 when I fell down a whole flight of stairs when I was living in Germany.  Throughout the years it was one operation after another which did not help the pain at all.  It all became worse.

Chiropractic Results:  I wish I knew Dr. Rolley years ago.  Oh my what a difference he has made in my life.  I still have some pain which he is working on them for me.  Everyday I get better and better.  The Lord has given him a true gift.  He honestly cares about me.  Thank you Dr. Rolley for helping me with all  my pain.

Helen Donahue,   Brockport, PA


Major Complaint:  Not being able to catch my breath.  Hard time breathing.

Past History:  The breathing problem hit me so fast and sinusitis.  Went to a few Dr.'s, emergency inhalers and singular.  Was recommended to Dr. Rolley by my son.

Chiropractic Results:  Wow!! Every day is getting better.  Not having alot of the breathing problems.  Starting to enjoy my life again.  I take one day at a time. The key words "Time" and "Patience". Thanks, Dr. Rolley!

Susie Franco,   Johnsonburg, PA


Major Complaint:  Soreness in lower back.

Past History: I've worked for Deprators Beverage for over 38 years.  That involves a lot of lifting.  I've had back problems before, but they always seemed to get better on their own.  About 2 months ago I was moving a keg and it never got better.

Chiropractic Results:  I started seeing Dr. Rolley about 8 weeks ago.  Sometimes the pain was so bad it was like a knife in my back.  Now I am pain free, and most of the time I foget I had a bad back.

Lawrence Sheehan,   St. Mary's, PA 


Major Complaint:  Neck & back pain.  Sometimes leg pain when walking.

Past History:  I have arthritis.  I have difficulty being very mobil.  Sometimes the pain keeps me from doing daily things that shouldn't be difficult to do.

Chiropractic Results:  I have been seeing Dr. Rolley for about 6 weeks.  I feel much better already.  I have more energy and don't have as much pain.  I only wish I would have had chiropractic care before this.  It has really helped me.

Evelyn Green,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Numbness right hand & arm, lower back ache, shoulder pain.

Past History:  Problems gradually got worse and got to a point where they were affecting everything I do.  Even a good nights sleep was impossible.

Chiropractic Results:  After 6 weeks, the arm and hand numbness is gone & the other problems have gotten much better, definitely moving in the right direction!

Rick Jacobs,  Johnsonburg, PA


Major Complaint:  Not sleeping well and always tired.

Past History:  Diagnosed with ADD & anxiety, not sleeing well; on medicine to focus in morning, irritable, always tired.  Shy and ver anxious; nervous.

Chiropractic Results:  I feel much better and I do not get sick with a stuffy nose.  I sleep much better without tossing and turning all night.  I do better in school.  Makes me feel good about myself and I am happy!

Marissa Ruffner,   Kersey, PA


Major Complaint: Neck, lower back pain, headaches and right hip pain.

Past History: Daily headaches, neck pain all the time, lower back pain after standing all day at work, right hip pain after & during pregnancy 2008.

Chiropractic Results: Headaches are becoming less frequent and more manageable; back and neck are generally starting to feel better.  My hip no longer hurts at all, plus I notice I sleep much better, have more energy and just feel great!

Leanne Ruffner,   Kersey, PA


Major Complaint: Numbness in right leg.  Pain in both legs.

Past History: I had back surgery 3-17-11, I have screws, rods & a cage around my L-4, L-5 & S1, was told by my surgeon what I regain in the first year is all the improvement I would have, (I had to have the surgery) which was pain in both legs.

Chiropractic Results: When I came to Dr. Rolley, I couldn't make it through WalMart without pain.  My quality of life was on a scale of 1-10 a 3, I couldn't walk any length of time, couldn't participate in any activity.  After seeing Dr. Ron for 4 weeks I can get my shopping done almost pain free.  I am starting to do things I haven't done in a year.  I will always have stiffness in my lower back & I'll have numbness in my leg, but with Dr. Ron's help, I will be able to do things & enjoy life.

Tina Sorg,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: Severe pain in lower back, radiating down both legs.

Past History: Bulging discs & sciatica causing severe pain in lower back & legs for past 15 years on & off.

Chiropractic Results: After the 1st visit, I immediatley felt some relief.  I continued to see Dr. Rolley for approximatley 3 more months with great results.  Prior to seeing Dr. Rolley, I was told that I probably had herniated discs & would need surgery.  With the unbelievable results i've had so far, I don't see surgery happening in the near future.

Justin Gerg,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: Lower back pain, severe headaches, & knee pain.

Past History: Lower back was out of alignment, which led to leg pains & severe headaches.

Chiropractic Results: I have been seeing Dr. Rolley for approximately 4 months now with tremendous results.  He got my back lined up, which relieved the leg pain & headaches. Thank you Dr. Rolley for making my life more comfortable.

Nicole Gerg,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Major whiplash/neck sprain; Mid and lower back pain and uneven; Large amount of tension in neck and shoulder area; Couldn't look up or left without pain; constant pain.  While stopped for a school bus, we were hit from behind by a person traveling approximately 55 mph.

Past History:  15 weeks of physical therapy; Message therapy for 7 weeks; Tens unit; Had to be on medication constantly for pain; Started to hunch over; Depressed; Started seeing Dr. Ron on 10-3-11.

Chiropractic Results:  After my 3rd adjustment, over 50% of the tension was gone and is still improving.  Mid and lower back pain is gone.  Can look left without pain.  Can walk and sit without pain.  Depression is gone.  There is no need for any medication.

Carol Wilson,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Neck pain.  Pinch nerve in back.  Pain down my arm to elbow.

Past History:  Hurt to turn my head, could not sleep, hurt to put arms up over my head.  I was in alot of pain and I don't like taking pills.

Chiropractic Results:  I am progressing to a much better state of being able to sleep & move freer.  I don't hardly hurt as bad.  Never hurts to have too much education on your body & to be out of pain & discomfort to help in your life.  Thanks Dr. Ron

Patty Friedl,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: Back and neck pain.

Past History: Sharp, take your breath away, back pain.  Migraine headaches.

Chiropractic Results: I no longer need to take my migraine medication.  The back pain is gone.  I feel fabulous.

Mary Maloney,   Ridgway, PA


Major Complaint: Clicking in my neck & severe sciatica in my hips & low back pain.

Past History: I struggled with hip & low back pain on a daily basis.  I figured I was just "getting old".  My job as a gymnastics teacher requires me to demonstrate basic gymnastics skills & exercises to my students.  I was getting to the point to where I was unable to perform a simple back bend & split.

Chiropractic Results: I began going to Dr. Ron & immediately noticed positive changes.  The "clicking" in my neck had stopped, as did my low back & hip pain.  The most amazing thing was, just after a few short weeks of adjustments, I was able to demonstrate a full back bend & splits on BOTH LEGS! It was amazing!  Now I show up my gymnasts by doing splits better than some of them!! I felt young again!

Toni Williamson,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: RSD other than 24/7 pain, my eyes were getting really bad.

Past History:  RSD - right foot, neck down very painful.  Nerve blocks, pain meds to tolerate pain.  Been through several surgeries.  Did not look forward for next day.

Chiropractic Results:  After several visits 3x's a week to Dr. Ron I was very surprised how my eyes changed.  I do not need glasses and magnifier for reading, especially phone book.  Pain in neck is gone, walking getting better, sleep better, feel better.  Thank you!

Denise Sarnoski,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: Torticollis of the neck with head tilting to the left or right constantly.

Past History: When Vanessa was about 3 months old, we noticed her head constantly tilted to the left side, her balance was uneven and soon her right side of head tilted to the side.  We had to use head supports and started her on physical therapy.

Chiropractic Results:  Vanessa is like a new baby. We get to enjoy her so much more because she is happier.  Her head doesn't tilt to the left or right anymore.  She doesn't need head supports in car seats or swings.  I could see changes within 2 weeks of taking her to Dr. Rolley.  They have also given us emotional support & confidence to get through this.  Thank you so much!! They made us feel like a part of their family, not just a patient.

Ursula Friedel,  Mother of Vanessa Friedel,     Ridgway, PA


Major Complaint: Spitting up

Past History:  We had been battling this issue since birth.  We talked to her medical doctor about it at every visit & it was never an issue they seemed to want to talk to us about.  It got to the point we were using baby towels & receiving blankets as burp rags.

Chiropractic Results:  After just one adjustment there was a difference!  She is now only spitting up 1/4 of what she was before.  Not only is it fantastic to have Tori feeling better, it's absolutely wonderful to have someone acknowledge the problem & care to help us solve it.  Thank you so much Dr. Rolley!

Netonia Cuneo,  Mother of Tori Sheeley,       St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: Lower & upper back pain, also stuffy sinuses for most of the winter.

Past History:  Constant pain all the time, couldn't breathe well.  I was coughing all the time.  I was exausted every day.  Surviving Cancer you worry about every pain.

Chiropractic Results:  After a few times I started feeling a lot better, the pressure behind my eyes is gone!  I can breathe.  My back pain is also gone!  I feel so much healthier and happier.  Now the only thing that hurts is my face from smiling all the time. Thank you!

Yvonne Curley,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: Ear Infections & 9 1/2 Months old and not crawling

Past History:  Violet has had 5 ear infections in 7 months.  She also was not crawling at 9 1/2 months old.

Chiropractic Results: The very 1st night after her 1st appointment she started crawling.  Within a few more visits she was all over the house and started pulling herself up on things.  Her ears also seem to be doing better.  Thank goodness for Dr. Rolley!

Shannon Eckels, Mother of Violet Eckels,     St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint: Runny nose, not sleeping through the night & ear infections. 

Past History: 4 antibiotics in 4 months. Dr. wanted to put tubes in place. Only slept through the night a handfull of times. 

Chiropractic Results:  No ear infections, not tugging on ears.  Sleeps through the night a couple times a week now! Thank you so much!

Casey Blessel, Mother of Aaden Brunner,    St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Pain on bottom of left foot going up my left leg.

Past History:  Went to foot doctor was told I pulled ligaments and muscles in left foot.  Had a cast on from July 29th until September 27th.  Went to Dr. Rolley for back and leg.

Chiropractic Results:  After coming to Dr. Rolley he has made my foot, leg and back feel much better.  I was able to remove cast and walk normal.  This was only after 3 visits.  I still have some pain but no where what I had before.

Jessie Wolfe, Brockway, PA


Major Complaint:  Lower back & headaches.

Past History:  I've done heavy lifting, car accidents, and fallen off a roof. (got to love christmas lights)

Chiropractic Results:  So far i've been coming since January and can not believe the difference - Wow!!  I have no headaches and the pain in my lower back is about 95% better.  I will continue my treatments until I have no more pain at all & feel 100% better.  Thank you Dr. Rolley!

Traci Barnes, St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Back, neck, shoulder aches & pains, & chest aches.

Past History:  I have been off & on with doctors for months, multiple tests and theories but they were unable to find anything.  They made me feel like there was no hope, nothing was wrong or my pain was imaginary.

Chiropractic Results:  Since starting treatments with Dr. Rolley my aches & pains have reduced from unbearable at times to a minor inconvenience.  What I appreciate the most is that I now have the feeling that someone cares about what is going on and wants to help me.  I truely appreciate the personal attention and care that Dr. Rolley has shown.  It is something I wasn't getting other places.

Chuck Nunamaker, St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Headaches and neck & back pain.

Past History: I was in a car accident when I was 17 and had wiplash really bad.  I also had TMJ where my jaw pops in and out of joint.  Now 32 I decided it was time to do something about it. 

Chiropractic Results:  After my first adjustment I could tell a major difference!  My headaches are gone and the problems with my jaw have been a lot better.  My daughter is 2 years old and has also been coming since she was 4 months old and hasn't been sick but maybe twice.  I truely believe this has made a difference!

Suzanna Pellam, St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Lower back & leg pain.

Past History:  It began with my pregnancy.  I had terrible lower back pain and a hard time walking.  It made every day life very painfull.  Sitting in a chair was almost impossible.

Chiropractic Results:  I have been receiving regular care from Dr. Ron for a few months and i'm a 100% better than I was when I first started with regular visits.  It has made every day life alot easier.  NO MORE PAIN!

Kimberly Fenice, St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Hip & leg pain running down the back of both legs to ankles.

Past History: I am a hairdresser and I stand all day. My hips, legs & ankles were in constant pain while working.  Walking was a chore.

Chiropractic Results:  After just 1 month of visits to Dr. Rolley I can stand all day & work without the pain.  I can walk for miles without leg or hip pain. Thanks Dr. Rolley!

Mary Lou Keneske, Johnsonburg, PA


Major Complaint: Spitting up frequently, crying a lot & constipation.

Past History:  Every time we would lay her on her back she would instantly cry - even when going in the car seat.  She would spit up a lot too after each feeding and constipated weekly.

Chiropractic Results:  Macy is like a new baby and we get to enjoy her so much more!  She is sleeping on her back for 5 hrs. each night - spitting up much less and moving her bowels regularly.  She seems so much more releaxed and alert.  I could see changes within 2 weeks of taking her to Dr. Rolley!  Thank you!!

Renee Wendel, Mother of Macy Wendel,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Allergies & Asthma

Past History:  Mornings woke up with sneezing, stuffy nose, headaches, sometimes wheezing - emergency inhaler.  Allergy medicine every night.

Chiropractic Results:  Off of medication - morning sneezing & stuffy nose gone.  Feels much better. Breathes better.

Sharon Wehler, Mother of Timothy Wehler,    St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Lower back & leg pain.

Past History:  I had upper back surgery 20 years ago, so I knew what that was all about.  I did not want to have any more surgery.  This is the way my doctors wanted me to go.

Chiropractic Results:  I was so amazed at how my lower back pain subsided after a few visits to Dr. Rolley.  I was able to go to Florida on vacation with my family.  My back and leg have recovered almost to full strength and I have Dr. Rolley to thank.

Mervin Barnett,   Weedville, PA


Major Complaint:  Knees hurting everyday!

Past History: Every day pain for past 8 months in my legs.

Chiropractic Results: In one session I had relief in my knees.  Thought maybe surgery because the medical profession thinks that is the answer (NOT) so!  I would never consider that as an option.

Mary Kay Schneider,   St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Pain in whole spine, top to bottom, including my neck.

Past History:  I broke a vertebrea in my lower back when I was 16 years old & I have had back problems ever since then.  I tried everything from pain medication to physical therapy and other Chiropractors but only ever got temporary relief.

Chiropractic Results:  It really is amazing how my back & neck have improved.  Almost instantly I regained full range of motion in my neck & could get out of bed without struggling to move.  I thought I would have to live with this for the rest of my life until I met Dr. Rolley.  My back & neck have never felt better (honestly!) and I have Dr. Rolley to thank.

Christopher Carson,   Ridgway, PA


Major Complaint:  Neck, shoulders & leg pain.

Past History:  Have tried physical therapy, been on pain medication, and went for Chiropractic care years ago with little relief. (no x-rays of my spine were taken at that time which made me skeptical).

Chiropractic Results:  Since beginning treatments with Dr. Rolley, my shoulders feel much better.  Neck is improving as well as my leg.  I truely appreciate the time and care that Dr. Rolley has given me and am looking forward to seeing my next set of x-rays to see the improvement in my spine.

Ann Franco,  Johnsonburg, PA


Major Complaint:  Neck & lower back pain.

Past History:  I began to experience neck & lower back pain after living in a freshman dormitory for a year.  Long study hours & poor sleeping habits took a toll on my neck & back.  Failure to seek care for this caused more pain & injury.

Chiropractic Results:  I have been receiving regular adjustments for nearly 2 months now.  I have seen a reduction in pain as well as fewer instances of illness.  The improvement is remarkable & is taking much less time than I had anticipated.

Amber Colello,  St. Mary's, PA


Major Complaint:  Lower back and on the left side sciatic nerve pain into thighs, groin area.

Past History:  Lifting too heavy articles.  Years ago I had a neck injury.

Chiropractic Results:  Much relief, less stress on my back.  Appears I have no sciatic pain at present.

Aleda (Lee) Michel,  Ridgway, PA


Major Complaint:  Stomach problems & bed wetting.

Past History:  From birth she has had acid reflux.  Has been taken adult dosages.  She has had problems staying dry only at night.

Chiropractic Results:  Since going to Dr. Rolley her stomach problem have lessoned majorly and we are on 15 straight nights of being dry.  We are so extremely proud.

Teresa Nichols, Mother of Kasey Nichols,   Johnsonburg, PA


Major Complaint:  Middle & Lower Back Pain.

Past History:  I got this pain by my right shoulder blade in March of 2007 sitting at my desk.  I have seen other Chiropractic Doctors,  did injections, physical therapy, intense massage therapy that left bruises, pain narcotics, etc. and nothing worked.

Chiropractic Results:  I have been getting adjustments three times a week for the last six weeks and I am getting better.  I thank God and Dr. Rolley.  The adjustments feel better now and the pain has lessened quite a bit.  Thank you Dr. Rolley.  I am looking forward to seeing the improvement on my next set of x-rays.  Now I can function normally in life!

JoAnn R. Davido,  Ridgway, PA


Major Complaint:  Pain in hands.

Past History:  Both of my jobs require constant use of my hands.  Some days I would actually have to stop and let them rest before I could go on.  Good thing I type because my writing becomes hard to read.

Chiropractic Results:  After adjustments, I find that going to my second job is becoming much easier.  I can work the rest of the night without pain.

Wanda L. Simbeck,  Weedville, PA 


Major Complaint:  Migraine Headaches.

Past History:  Since the age of three, Nathan has experienced migraine headaches with severe side effects.  Nathan was placed on an adult dose of medication to lessen the occurences.  Migraines still continued 1-2 times per month.

Chiropractic Results:  After only 5 months of treatment, Nathan is off all medication and has only had one migraine headache!  Hoping 2009 is migraine free!

Jennifer Beimel, Mother of Nathan Beimel,   St. Marys,  PA


Major Complaint:  Pain in lower back.  I could not stand straight and had severe pain walking or moving.

Past History:  I was jumping on a trampoline over the weekend and woke up not being able to stand up straight or move without severe pain.

Chiropractic Results:  The day after adjustment I was standing straight and pain was minimized considerably.

Lynn Hogan,  St. Marys, PA



 Major Complaint:  Headaches, left side with neck and shoulder pain.

Past History:  Family Doctor recommended Cortizone shot, Physical Therapy, X-rays, MRI, and exercises.  Hundreds of dollars later - nothing helped.  Family Doctor told me to keep using muscle relaxers and pain relievers and more or less live with it. Never checked further then my neck.

Chiropractic Results:  The first adjustment was instant relief for me!  I don't have the headaches anymore, and with each adjustment I feel so much better.  I wish I would have done this right away.  Dr. Rolley also took the time to explain my X-rays and to show me what was going on with my spine and my whole back - not just a section of it.

Sharon L. Wehler,   St. Marys, PA 


Major Complaint:  Seizures, not sleeping at night, and headaches.

Past History:  I was having Grand Malseizures in my sleep and on a daily basis.  I was having Petite Malseizures - sometimes as many as 7 a day.  I would always wake up at night and never sleep very well.

Chiropractic ResultsAfter the 3rd adjustment, I haven't had a seizure!!  My headaches are gone, and I sleep through the night, every night.  Thank YOU!!!!

Devin Cathcart, St. Marys, PA 


Major Complaint:  Pain in back, shoulder, and neck.  Also tingling in right arm.

Past History:  Pain in back, shoulder, and neck.  Also tingling in right arm.

Chiropractic Results:  Pain in shoulder blades subsided.  Pain in shoulder subsiding and the tingling in my right arm is going away.

Ken Overturf, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint:  Muscle pain in right side of back from the shoulder to the lower back.

Past History:  Never had back problems until the last trimester of my first pregnancy.  After birth, the pain multiplied in intensity.  It spread to the entire right side of my back.

Chiropractic ResultsThe pain got better after my first adjustment & was completely gone after 2 or 3 visits.  My back is pain free now and I'm only half way through my adjustment regimen.  Dr. Ron was very thorough and helpful.

Stevie Gustafson, Ridgway, PA 


Major ComplaintPain in my ankle and foot.  Wasn't able to walk or perform properly as a gymnast.

Past History:  Minor back problems.

Chiropractic Results:  I was having major pain in my ankle and foot.  It became so bad that I wasn't able to compete as a gymnast.  After just one adjustment from Dr. Ron I felt instant relief.  He made it so I could compete again, which led me to tie the school record on the un-even bars with a 9.2.  I'll soon break that record, and it will be all thanks to Dr. Ron!!

Alex Cheatle, St. Marys, PA  


Major Complaint:  Acid Reflux and vomiting.

Past History:  Crying, vomiting after eating, fussy.  He was on three medications.

Chiropractic Results:  Medication Free!!! Happy Baby!!

Kim Sloff, Mother of Christian Sloff, St. Marys, PA (Update)


Major ComplaintPain through my neck and all through my back.

Past History:  Football incident caused headaches and back pain.

Chiropractic Results:  Headaches went away and I could move again without pain in my back.

David Aul, St. Marys, PA 


Major ComplaintPain and stiffness in my upper back and neck.

Past History:  Frequent incidents of stiff neck and sharp pains in my shoulder blades.  Felt limited physically.  Sleeping was a problem at times, too.

Chiropractic Results:  My range of motion is back to normal.  I can play with my kids and drive, ect without pain.

Kim Sloff, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint:  Acid Reflux (frequent vomiting & fussiness)

Past History:  Christian was diagnosed with Acid Reflux syndrome at age 4 weeks.  From the time he was 2 days old, Christian would cry inconsolably and vomit just about everything he would eat.  He was put on Zantac, Roglan, & Mylanta.

Chiropractic Results:  In just one week my husband & I noticed a dramatic decrease with Christian vomiting and spitting up.  We also were delighted to see a very happy baby.  Christian went from being fussy 80% of the time to being happy, smiling, and playful 90% of the time.  I feel his quality of life has been increased significantly.  Thank you!  Christian is currently only taking one medication now opposed to three!!

Kim Sloff, Mother of Christian Sloff, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint:  Headaches, loss of vision, severe neck stiffness, stabbing back pain, and loss of sleep.

Past History:  I was ran into on my Harley two years ago and from that experience nothings been the same.  I had so much loss of sleep and my head just wasn't working right, nothing was. 

Chiropractic Results:  Since I've been to Dr. Rolley everything has charged.  I sleep, think, and feel so much better!  If you are reading this, I would recommend for you to keep coming here because it can do nothing for you except for make you better.

Clinton Young, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint:  Pain down the middle and across my lower back.

Past History:  Lower back pain off and on for years.  The pain was so bad that I couldn't roll over in my sleep without it waking me.  Every morning I would wake with pain and stiffness in my neck.

Chiropractic Results:  After my first visit to Dr. Rolley, I slept pain free in my back for the first time in months.

Sherri Wilson, Kersey, PA


Major Complaint:  Stiff jaw, sore back, shoulders, and neck!  My knees and hips also hurt frequently.

Past History:  My job includes a lot of lifting, pulling, pushing, and turning.  All of these put a lot of the strain on my body.  I couldn't sleep at times and was very cranky and irritable because of the pain.

Chiropractic Results:  I am so pleased with the relief Dr. Rolley has given me.  He takes ten minutes out of his life to adjust me a few times a week and it is helping me with my everyday life.  I am no longer as sore or as irritable.  Thank you, Dr. Rolley!!

Shawna Pierotti, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint:  Acid reflux (colic).  He would spit up all the time and cry.  He wasn't able to sit or lay on his back.

 Past History Levi was born with Acid Reflux, now known as colic.  He would cry and have to be held all the time.  He would spit up his whole bottle, and couldn't go to bed without being on his stomach.  He was also constipated all the time. 

Chiropractic ResultsLevi has been with Dr. Rolley since he was 2 1/2 months, he is now 4 months.  He smiles ALL the time, very rarely does he cry.  He lays on his back and plays.  He sits in chairs and his swing.  You can rub his back without him fussing.  We have decreased his meds.  Dr. Rolley is amazing!!!

Missy Salter, Grandmother Levi Meyer, Penfield, PA


Major Complaint:  Bedwetting - Age 8.

Past History We never had a problem with this until about age 5.  He started wetting the bed and has continued until now.  He only has problems at night. 

Chiropractic ResultsIt took about 10 visits before he was accident free!  He has been doing great and having no nightly accidents!

Jacob, St. Marys, PA  


Major Complaint:  Lower back pain, uncomfortable all the time, and numbness in my feet.

Past History I had lower back pain off and on in my past, but lately I couldn't get comfortable any which way.  I went on a trip to Kentucky and when I came home, my back felt completely locked. OUCH!

Chiropractic ResultsIt was and still is truly a miracle!  From the day of my first visit I felt relief.  I am thankful for such an educated and sincere doctor.  I don`t have as many problems getting comfortable and other symptoms have diminished as well.

LeAnn Webster, St. Marys, PA


Major Complaint:  Lower back pain and left leg pain.

Past History:  I have had back pain before, but not any leg pain.

Chiropractic Results:    After a few weeks of adjustments, I could feel a great difference in the way I could move around.  I was able to sleep better at night.  After more adjustments, I really like the way my health is overall.

Bill Johnson, St. Marys, PA


Major ComplaintBack pain by my shoulder blades

Past HistoryI have had neck and lower back pain over the years.  I have been to regular doctors, specialized doctors, and chiropractors.  Their answer was pain pills, physical therapy, and only come back when needed.  If my regular chiropractor was available I wouldn`t be here.  God and my life directed me to Dr. Rolley.

Chiropractic ResultsThere are things I would dread doing because I knew the pain I would feel later.  That no longer happens.  I love to dance, I can move my body without pain.  That is something that I have taken for granted.   Thanks Dr. Rolley!

Marie Aul, St. Marys, PA 


Major ComplaintLow back pain and neck pain.

Past HistoryI have had lower back pain, but it got worse after a fall.  I had headaches and neck pain after the fall.

Chiropractic ResultsMy back is really good and I don`t need pain pills for headaches. 

Margie Schatz, St. Marys, PA 


Major ComplaintBack pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, stiff neck (couldn`t turn my head)

Past History:  This is my first experience with this type of situation.  I`ve never had this problem before.

Chiropractic ResultsI had almost immediate results.  After just three adjustments, I had about 60% relief and could actually sleep at night again with no neck or shoulder pain.  After about eight adjustments, I feel I had nearly 92% relief and nearly all the pain had subsided under normal activity.  I was surprised and relieved at the quick results. 

Tom Newell, St. Marys, PA


Major ComplaintStabbing pains in neck and head when standing up.  Headache and tingling in head.

Past HistoryNever had anything like this.  Pain was very severe.

Chiropractic Results:  I have no more stabbing pains in my head and neck. 

Mary Marshall, Johnsonburg, PA 


Major ComplaintRight skull pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

Past HistoryI have been suffering two years or more with many physical problems.  I have been diagnosed with Demyelinating Disease (probable MS) and cervical stenosis, and abnormal MRI`s.  I have dealt with severe pain, involuntary movements, seizure or seizure like activity, twitching, you name it.  I am dealing somehow with it.

Chiropractic ResultsThe very first visit I was amazed with the results and very impressed by Dr. Rolley.  He took his own X-rays and looked at my MRI`s.  He was very instructional and took the time to explain everything.  My miracle came the very first chiropractic visit!  The skull pain that I have suffered with for this time was gone immediately upon getting up from Dr. Rolley`s table.  I have doctored for so long with no help until now!  Thanks to his concern, care, and professionalism.  I cannot thank him enough!

Kathy Thomas, Ridgeway, PA


Major Complaint:  Pain in my right leg near the shin bone; chronic pain in my lower back.

Past HistoryI was in a car accident in 2002 and received whiplash.  I was under the care of another doctor in another town at the time.  Afterwards, I also developed chronic lower back pain.  It was so bad that even to touch my back it hurt.  Even though I was under chiropractic care, I never had any relief from the back pain.  In January of 2006, I started walking as a form of exercise.  I started getting this pain in my right foot that radiated up my shin bone.  Again, I was under the care of another chiropractor, but the pain only got worse.  To the point that I developed a limp when I walked.

Chiropractic Results  It`s a miracle!  I had heard some great things about Dr. Rolley from friends so I decided I would give him a try; within 2 weeks, the pain has totally left my leg.  My lower back no longer is sore to the touch.  I can turn over in bed without sitting up first, and for the first time since my accident four years ago, I slept all night because I had no pain.  It`s wonderful to be able to walk again without limping and pain!!  I am a believer in Chiropractic and the benefits that come from being under chiropractic care.

Terri Burfield, St. Marys, PA


Major ComplaintMid & lower back & neck pain

Past HistoryBulging disk in my lower back with constant aches and pains.  I had a hard time getting up from a sitting position.

Chiropractic ResultsAfter a few adjustments, I felt like I was twenty again.  I feel more alive and I can get up easier than before.  The more I go the better I feel.  Thanks to Dr. Rolley.

Paul Hale, Johnsonburg, PA


Major ComplaintConstipation, acid reflux, vomiting, and restlessness.

Past HistoryAcid reflux and constipation.

Chiropractic ResultsLucas is doing very well.  He`s a total different baby.  He is happy, sleeps at night, and naps during the day.  He very seldom spits up anymore.

Lucas Wonderly, St. Marys, PA 


Major ComplainConstipation

Past History:  She would have difficulty having a bowel movement even with extra water and vegetables in her diet.

Chiropractic ResultsShe is having much more regular bowel movements.  She doesn`t have to strain to pass them.

Sarah Heary, St. Marys, PA 


Major ComplaintNeck, back, and hips hurt from car accidents.

Past HistoryI have hurt my back at work several times and in several car accidents through the years.

Chiropractic ResultsI was in a car accident in December 2005 and was hit from behind and pushed ahead into the car in front of me.  I had a bad case of whiplash, but from going to Dr. Ron for about 3 to 4 weeks have made a difference.  I had bad headaches everyday and bad upset stomach everyday, really bad, that I couldn`t stand it.  But that all went away going to Dr. Ron, I just want to say thanks for helping me.  I can`t believe it.

Joanna Curci, Weedville, PA


Major ComplaintNeck pain and headaches.

Past HistoryI frequently woke up with stiff neck and headaches were a common occurrence.

Chiropractic ResultsI have flexibility in the neck and no longer waking with a stiff neck.  My headaches have gone completely away along with most of my sinus problems.

Pamela Sorg, St. Marys, PA


Major ComplaintNeck and lower back pain.

Past HistoryThe pain in my lower back hurt so bad I could hardly walk.  The pain in my neck was so bad I couldn`t turn my head.

Chiropractic ResultsAfter coming to see Dr. Rolley for a few adjustments I can walk without pain and I can turn my neck.  It also helped my asthma.  I no longer need one of my medicines.

Judy King, St. Marys, PA 


Major ComplaintGetting in and out of the car was very painful.  I could not sleep on my left side.  House work became very hard to accomplish.

Past HistoryLower back pain from two bulging discs at L4 & L5.  I also had numbness in my feet.

Chiropractic ResultsI can now get in and out of the car with no pain.  I sleep anyway I want and have a full nights sleep.  I am now doing my house work with ease. 

Sandra Schutz, St. Marys, PA


Major ComplaintSevere Migraines

Past HistorySevere migraines several times a year which significantly increased in severity upon pregnancy.

Chiropractic ResultsSignificant decrease in number and severity of migraines following initial adjustment.

Gina Pistner, St. Marys, PA


Major ComplaintMenstrual problems, reoccurring illnesses, and headaches.

Past HistoryI get sick a lot and have allergies. I have also have PCOS which causes me to have menstrual problems.

Chiropractic ResultsI haven`t been sick lately and my period is normal. 

Kristi Woodford, St. Marys, PA


Major ComplaintTMJ - Headaches and pain in the jaw.

Past HistoryI had TMJ for years.  I thought that getting braces would help, but when I got them removed it got incredibly worse.  I tried several remedies, but they didn`t help.

Chiropractic ResultsThat was a few weeks ago. I have been pain free since having chiropractic adjustments.  It produced remarkable results and I would recommend it to TMJ sufferers.

Vicki Whiteman, St. Marys, PA


Major ComplaintMid and lower back pain, neck pain.

Past HistoryI was in an accident and suffered whiplash.  My back was messed up from lots of use and abuse.  I had back pain for most of the morning when I woke up and in the afternoon depending on what I did during the day.

Chiropractic ResultsI wake up in the morning with little to no back pain.  My neck feels good and I can go through the day without pain or discomfort.

Scott Hockenberry, Emporium, PA


Past History:  In January 2007, I started bringing my son, Carson Hand - 3 months old, to Rolley Chiropractic.  My concerns were my son's acid reflux and his trouble sleeping.  He was on three medications for acid reflux which caused other problems.

Chiropractic Results:  One week and he was sleeping better.  The end of the second week he was off one of his acid reflux meds.  At the end of the 5th month he was off all his meds!  He was also in a car accident in March and I believe our adjustments that we received through all of this helped him stay healthy.  Thank you for all your help in keeping and getting my son Healthy!!

Megan Hand, Mother - Carson, Penfield, PA


Major Complaint:  Constantly had neck and back pain; frequent headaches; occasional numbness in fingers; and sinus problems.

Past History:  I had a severe sinus infection about three years ago and continuous sinus problems since.  I constantly had a stiff neck and spent three-four months going to physical therapy.  I also had lower and upper back pain due to the shoulders and neck.

Chiropractic Results:  I almost instantly had no neck stiffness or pain.  My back pain cut way back and is almost completely gone.  My sinuses haven't bothered me as much.  I've had no numbness in my fingers and I haven't had a headache since I've started going to Dr. Rolley.

Laura Hockenberry, Emporium, PA